Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology at Thaddeus Stevens gives students an understanding of automotive construction, theory of operation, and standard industry service and repair procedures. You’ll get the knowledge to perform vehicle service, the critical thinking skills to diagnose malfunctions and the problem-solving skills to fix them.

Samples of some of the jobs available in this field include Automotive Technician, Mechanic, Air Conditioning Technician, Alignment Specialist, Brake Technician, Shop Manager, Service Adviser and Dealership Service Specialist. Technicians can find employment at a range of facilities including independent shops and auto dealerships. Technicians can start their own businesses as well.

Automotive Technology students graduate with certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

"The cost is substantially lower than a four-year college."

“I didn’t want to go to a four-year school and I was looking in to trade school and Stevens looked like a great opportunity. Not everyone is made to go to a four-year school, so if you’re not really interested in that and you are interested in a trade, I would definitely check out Stevens, because the cost is substantially lower than a four-year college. At least come visit and see what Stevens is about. It’s a pretty cool place.

“I like that it’s pretty laid back for the most part. You get the realistic intensity of the industry, but you’re not stressing out all the time. Mr. Christian is one of the nicest teachers I’ve had. He’s awesome to work with.

“I’ve been more focused on school work than life after school. I hope to work at either a dealership or a local garage after I graduate. I plan to work my way in the industry up from there.”

Nathan BarnhartClass of 2018