Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology

The Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology program is committed to continually providing students with the skills and knowledge required for rewarding jobs in the various woodworking industries.

Based upon the belief that students learn best by working on projects, our program is strongly project oriented. Hence, students will produce several pieces of fine furniture after which they will further develop and display their skills by producing an advanced wood project of their choosing. Through the use of the College’s housing project, students will learn to list and produce all the millwork items required for a residential house. Additionally, students will design, produce, finish, and install a complete kitchen. Through the use of lectures, demonstrations and the above projects we feel we can best prepare our students for careers in any of the three major woodworking fields: fine furniture, architectural millwork, and kitchen cabinetry.

Jobs in the cabinetmaking field include Cabinet Maker, Cabinet Assembler, Frame Builder, Machine Operator, Cabinet Builder, Cabinet Installer, Cutter, Double End Tenon Operator, Framer, Router Operator, Foreman, and Production Manager.

In addition to working for other companies, many graduates of the Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology have also become owner/operators of their own companies.

Jake Wentzel

Jake Wentzel, a 2006 Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology graduate, discusses the opportunities he has had in his life and the responsibilities of his job at Boyertown Planning Mill based on his education at Thaddeus Stevens College.

"Girls, don’t sell yourself short. If you really want to do something, put your mind to it."

“I really liked carpentry, but I didn’t want to work outside all year round. I looked into cabinetry and found out that it’s more detail-oriented. I enjoy that and also that it’s an industry I’d be able to do forever.

“In your sophomore year at Thaddeus Stevens, you really get to branch off and do your own projects, as well as the home construction project, where we get to install our own kitchen and make everything. In this program, the whole thing about carpentry is that you get both sides of it: your personal projects and then the home building.

“Girls, don’t sell yourself short. If you really want to do something, put your mind to it and don’t get worried about all the other guys in the program, because they’re all there to learn—just like you.”

Kristina JarrellClass of 2018