Electrical Technology

The Electrical Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens teaches the practical skills necessary to design, install, maintain, analyze and repair electrical circuits and systems.

The curriculum emphasizes hands-on projects in a lab environment where students use professional equipment. Projects build on theoretical study of areas including residential wiring systems, commercial/industrial raceways, electromechanical motor and drive control, programmable logic controllers, AC/DC motors and generators, as well as single and three-phase transformers.

Though they are skilled electricians, most graduates are recruited by companies in the manufacturing industry as industrial electrical technicians and contractors, maintenance electricians, instrumentation and control technicians and technical service representatives.

Joe Nikodemski

Joe Nikodemski, a 2011 Electrical Technology graduate, discusses the opportunities he has had in his life and the responsibilities of his job at Alcoa Mill Products based on his education at Thaddeus Stevens College.

"There are so many areas and opportunities for employment."

“Electrical is something I’ve always been interested in. In high school, I built a 3D printer. It’s always been in my wheelhouse.

“I was really interested in a two-year degree. A lot of the bachelor degrees out there cost a lot of money. I also wanted to build a set of skills that I could use. My guidance counselor at Twin Valley High School told me about Thaddeus Stevens, and it fit the bill.

“The electrical program is a unique program. It’s tough at times, and you have to study. But we have a wealth of tutors and teachers willing to help you on campus, if you put forth the initiative. It’s a fun program and a diverse industry. You may go in to electrical, you could go in to transmission, industrial, commercial or residential. There are so many areas and opportunities for employment.”

Aiden PorterClass of 2019