Electro-Mechanical Technology

Electro-Mechanical Technology, or Mechatronics, is one of the hottest careers in the manufacturing industry. The combination of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and skills based in computer aided drafting and machine technology create a unique blend of knowledge valuable to employers.

These technicians are trained in a variety of skill areas, allowing companies to utilize their knowledge for a vast array of technical and mechanical issues. Having a multi-skilled technician on staff that can address issues immediately allows companies to continue production at a minimal loss.

Jobs available for Electro-Mechanical Technicians include Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Technician, Mechanic, Engineering Technician, Master Mechanic, Industrial Machinery Mechanic, Machine Adjuster, Overhauler, Industrial Electrician, and Industrial Mechanic.

Kevin McCaffrey

Electro-mechanical technicians work with some of the most advanced technologies in manufacturing. Their knowledge of mechanical technology and electronic circuits helps them install, troubleshoot, repair and upgrade electronic and computer-controlled systems.

Brandt Magolon

"I like taking things apart and finding out how they work."

“I like taking things apart and finding out how they work. That’s what really got me into mechatronics in the first place. And working with advanced technology and some of the cutting-edge stuff that we’re working with is really cool. I took mechatronics in CTC and we just got a taste of everything. I wanted to explore more into it.

“Right now, I am working at Electron Energy. I am a maintenance technician there. I am thinking about going to get a bachelor’s degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering Technologies.

“I love the atmosphere at Thaddeus Stevens. The students are great, and the instructors are really easy to work with. They are challenging at times, but that’s good. They push you to do better in your programs and to be a better person.”

Brandt MagolonClass of 2018