Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronics involves the design, analysis and implementation of electronic components. Today's electronic technician may work behind the scenes at a rock concert, accelerating atoms at a lab or programming robots at a production facility.

Electronic Engineering Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens gives students a broad theoretical and practical background in analog and digital electronic circuits. Graduates of the Electronic Engineering Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology are prepared to find employment as technicians with the ability to prototype, test, program, integrate, install, maintain and repair electronic systems.

Drew Kibler - 2005 Electronic Engineering

This video takes a look at Drew Kibler, a 2005 graduate of the Electronics Program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Drew discusses how his education assisted him in his career at Sight & Sound in Lancaster.

"Be confident in your math skills."

“I would say electronic engineering students have to be confident in our math skills, and we have to love problem solving. We can’t get discouraged when we can’t solve problems at first, because we need to spend lots and lots of time in the lab learning how to troubleshoot.

“By the time I decided to go to college, which was four years after high school, Thaddeus Stevens was in the back of my mind. I thought back to what I really liked in high school. I took robotics and advanced robotics in high school and really liked them, and I was good at them.

“The community here is really welcoming. It’s a nice environment, everyone is pretty friendly with each other. There are many people here who want you to succeed, so there’s a lot of help available.

“After Stevens, I hope to stay at the company where I found my internship last summer, Precision Medical Products, in Denver. They are a medical device manufacturer. Hopefully after graduation, I’ll have an electronics technician title.”

Kristina MartinClass of 2018