The HVAC/R program is unique because it treats designing, retrofitting, testing, and balancing on a problem-solving level. This specialized program prepares the technician for the fast-growing, highly technical HVAC/R field.

The challenge for the service technician is to optimize the service operation of HVAC/R systems to maximize customer and employer satisfaction. Using computers to replicate various conditions that could be encountered, students develop a plan of action to use with live work.

The HVAC/R laboratory includes tools, equipment, computers and instrumentation typically found in commercial, residential and industrial settings. The lab also includes ground source heat pumps, gas efficient furnaces, regular heat pumps, oil-fired furnaces, gas and oil boilers, ice machines, walk-in boxes, roof-top equipment, chiller systems, and commercial refrigeration trainers.

Challenging careers abound on a national level with firms offering graduates a variety of positions as service technicians, installation technicians, estimators, and in-plant industrial technicians.

Timothy Kelly, '95

Timothy Kelly, a 1995 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration graduate, discusses the opportunities he has had in his life and the responsibilities of his job at McClure Company based on his education at Thaddeus Stevens College.

Ryan Good

"It's one of the best tech schools in the world, probably."

“I decided to major in HVAC, because you learn a little bit of everything. You learn a little bit of plumbing, carpentry, electrical and how to put stuff together. It’s great. That, and you don’t know what the day’s going to bring. That you learn something new every day.

“Stevens is affordable, and you learn a lot. It’s one of the best tech schools in the world, probably.

“I’m already working—at J and G Heating and Cooling—and I’m happy where I am right now.”

Ryan GoodClass of 2019


"Everybody was getting a trade, and I saw how much money you can make with a trade."

“After high school, I went to Kutztown University, but I didn’t play basketball like I wanted to, so I was looking for somewhere I could go to school and play basketball. When I first came here, I was going to play basketball, get a business degree and I was going to transfer. But after doing my pre-major year, everybody was getting a trade and I saw how much money you can make with a trade, and it got me interested.

It helps to start early, get an internship, and get all the information you can before you come to Stevens, because it will help you during the school year. I had an internship with Karen Stevens HVAC over the summer and every morning before class. It helped me decide that HVAC was what I would like the most.

I’m still looking at continuing my education going to another four-year college. I want to go somewhere for business and get my bachelor’s degree. Eventually, I’d like to open my own HVAC business.”

Marqel WansleyClass of 2019