Masonry Construction Technology

Masonry is one of the oldest and most durable forms of construction. Masons find a wide array of opportunities in the construction field, and many graduates of the Masonry Construction program at Thaddeus Stevens start their own masonry companies.

The Masonry Construction Technology program develops the skills of a proficient mason, from the simple spreading of mortar to the complex construction of an inside fireplace. Students study the craft through practice projects and field trips. Since a large part of masonry work is decorative as well as functional, special emphasis is placed on appreciation of the beauty and permanence of brickwork and on the development of pride in good workmanship.

Vincent Freeman

"I love how hands-on masonry is."

“I love how hands-on masonry is. We’re in theory class for a half-hour each day, and then the rest of the time is just working. And I really enjoy that part. One of the reasons I chose masonry is because it has less bookwork than some of the other majors.

“Stevens is a very friendly place. Everything about it is friendly. I made a lot of friends right off the bat. I tried out sports here, too. I tried track and I plan to stick with it next year.”

Vincent FreemanClass of 2019

Eric Burnish

"You can build something and it lives on for years and years."

“Masonry is a very rewarding trade, it’s hard work, but it definitely pays off in the end. It may look simple but it’s not, it’s very complicated and I enjoy it. You can build something and it lives on for years and years.

“Thaddeus Stevens has so much to offer students in every trade. Not only am I learning about masonry, but through the Home Construction Project, now I’m learning about carpentry and a little bit about everything in the construction world. It’s nice to be on an actual job site.”

Eric BurnishClass of 2018