Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology

Learn the skills to take projects from design to building, welding and final installation. In the Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology program, you’ll build with pipe, sheet metal, and plate, use CNC technologies, various power equipment. and weld with multiple processes.

The program covers drafting, pattern development, hand tools, power equipment and manual forming equipment to fabricate projects, as well as welding on plates, sheet and pipe in all positions. After design, students fabricate projects using CNC high definition plasma cutting, CNC pressing and rolling.

Students who complete the Metals Fabrication & Welding program are highly sought after by manufacturing companies, as well as in the nuclear, government, ship building, construction and aerospace industries.

Graduates have become estimators, project managers, designers, business owners, supervisors, lead and installation personnel and certified welders. Many graduates remain in touch with the college and advise the program.

Justin Kline

"There are jobs everywhere."

“Growing up working on a farm, welding, fixing stuff, being hands-on, I really felt like Metals Fabrication & Welding was the best fit for me as far as an industrial career. It’s just nonstop learning. Every time you think you know it all, trust me, they throw you something at you that you’ve never seen before.

“If you want to come to Thaddeus Stevens, you just need to be all in. This is a school where we learn skills to have a successful career. So if you’re going to come in, do your best and give it your all, you’ll get the most out of it. There are jobs everywhere, there’s a 98 percent job placement here. I’m deciding between two companies after I graduate.

“If you’re looking for a job and for skills in a career where you can actually see yourself enjoy doing what you love, this is honestly the best school for you.”

Justin KlineClass of 2018