Water & Environmental Technology

Water is the world’s most precious non-renewable natural resource. Our world needs committed scientists and technicians to clean, conserve and manage it.

Water and Environmental Technology at Thaddeus Stevens is Pennsylvania’s only associate degree program certified by the Department of Environmental Protection. Graduates also earn DEP certification as operators of drinking water and water treatment facilities. Certification is obtained through a combination of exams and operating systems.

Graduates of the Water and Environmental Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will find abundant work in both the commercial and municipal fields. Water Technicians are part of an aging work force, meaning the opportunities for those entering the field in the next five to 10 years will be plentiful. Municipal positions can lead to other opportunities, as well as provide a stable salary and benefits for those working in these areas.

Jarrett Hassinger

"We need a new generation."

“My boss where I was interning told me I should look into the water treatment field, because it’s up-and-coming. A lot of people in the field are looking to retire, and we need a new generation to come in and fill the gaps.

“Just try it. Most people don’t know what water technology entails. If you stick with it, you’ll end up liking it. The teachers here are always striving to make you better, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to get new technology or new equipment in the labs to make the program better.”

Jarrett HassingerClass of 2018

Laura Perry

"I’ll have an actual career, not just another job."

“I like to fish, I like to ride horses, I like to hunt. You want your water to be clean to drink, but we also need clean water to fish and do recreational activities. My friend graduated from Stevens the year the WET program was introduced, and she thought I would really like it—and I do!

“I love that I can be hands-on, I can work outside, and I’ll have an actual career, not just another job like when I was a secretary at a lumber yard. I’m starting my career as a wastewater operation technician, and in the future, I’d love to work in a wastewater lab or an industrial waste lab.

I would say make sure this is something you really want to do, because you really have to be involved to understand what’s actually going on. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and not know something. I love that Stevens actually cares about getting you through school and being there when you really need it.”

Laura PerryClass of 2018