Welding Technology

Skilled welders can be found in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, industrial fabrication, pipeline, ship building, bridge building, heavy construction, and even the live entertainment industry. That’s why graduates of the Welding Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens are in such demand.

This specialized program differs from Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology in that it focuses on the development of advanced welding skills in wide variety of applications, whereas Metals Fabrication focuses on the design, manufacture, and joining of sheet metal and thin steel plate parts.

After completion of the Associate Degree Welding Technology program, graduates often have options to pursue for immediate work in the industry or higher education, such as a 4-year Welding Engineer or Welding Manufacturing Degree Program. Graduates who ultimately become an AWS Welding Inspector/Educator or an ASNT Non-destructive Examination Inspector are on a path to becoming a welding supervisor, welding manager, welding leader or shop foreman.

Bernice Garcia

"There are so many processes how welding can be done."

“I heard about Thaddeus Stevens from my tech school, Frank County Career and Technology Center. I initially attended for cabinetmaking, graduated, and then later on found out the welding program was coming back (in 2016). I like that there are so many processes how welding can be done, like manual and automatic.

“I loved woodworking since seventh grade. Welding has similar things. For instance, they require a lot of attention to detail, they are very hands-on and they both have very few females in the field, so I was like, ‘Why not try that out?’ When I was in the military, I did a lot of carpentry and masonry work, which are also male-dominated jobs.

“I see myself being a foreman or supervisor and, then, someday, perhaps earning an engineering degree. I’d say to you women, don’t be afraid of being one of the only females in the program, because the guys will respect and support you. Go for it!”

Bernice GarciaClass of 2016 and Class of 2018